Tangerine Credit Card Activation

Tangerine Credit Card Activation (Simple Registration)

Tangerine is advertised as “the bank that helps Canadians to save their money,” but they also help Canadians to spend their money in a great way. It’s named the Tangerine Card, and it offers nearly 2% cash back rewards at no annual fees.

With these great offers, Tangerine credit card has been getting a lot of popularity. If you have a Tangerine bank account and you’re eligible for a credit card, then you’ll need to activate it before you can take advantage of all its perquisites. You need to have your new card besides you before following the steps below.

You can activate your Tangerine Credit Card in two ways:

  1. Activation online.
  2. Activation over the phone.

Activate Your Tangerine Card Online.

  • Just visit Tangerine Online Banking Portal and login to your account by your Client Number, Card Number or Username.
  • You can also Sign up from here if you don’t have a Tangerine Online Banking Account by providing your Personal info, Address info then Review and submit.
  • Then after logging in, go to “My Accounts” option.
  • Enter your card details like card number, CVV, Expiration Date, etc.
  • After filling up all the details, click “Done”.
  • Now you’ve completed your credit card activation process, you’ll be notified through phone on the number linked with Tangerine Bank account.

Activating Your Tangerine Card Over the Phone.

  • Just dial Tangerine Card Activation Number at 1-866-700-4610 to initiate the activation process. You must call through your registered phone number to save some time.
  • Request for Credit Card Activation.
  • Provide all the card details and personal details to the executive on the line.
  • Obey all the instructions for your card activation.
  • Congratulation! Your Tangerine Credit Card is now activated and ready to use everywhere.
  • If by any chance, you lost your credit card, you need to dial 1-866-700-4610 and request deactivation to avoid any ill-usage of the card.
  • If you find any problem related to your card in future, you can dial this number and get assistance.

You’re always welcome to ask any issues in the comment box, we will try to guide you with any step concerning this process As Soon As Possible.

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