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Through, you can access the Visa or Mastercard balance directly. Today, no one wants to carry cash with them all day. Credit and debit cards have made it a lot easier for everyone to shop, dine and go out without worrying about the cash anymore. It is safer, convenient, and provides you with some cost cutting or bonus earning opportunities. Here, you’ll see how activate card is done. 

Let’s get onto the matter. Card Activation Online 

The cards are activated online. The given steps will help you in activating the card easily and quickly. The instructions given below would help you. 

  • Visit the official portal or official website to start the process and keep your card with you.Use the link here
  • You will see a window like this opening-up –
  • You can either log in to your account or you can directly activate the card from the right-hand side box. We prefer using the right-hand side box to save time.
  • Provide all the details asked, i.e the card number, security code, etc. 
  • Fill the security captcha and click “Log In”. 
  • This will take you to a “Create Profile” page. Fill in all the details such as name, email, card details, etc. 
  • Choose a username and password as you wish. Keep them in mind as you will be able to login to your account only with the help of these. 
  • After filling all the details, click “Submit”.
  • A verification mail will be sent to your email to confirm that your card is now active. 

Benefits of Activate Card And Portal

The active card serve a lot of benefits. The following is a glance of the many advantages this card serves- 

  1. You have access to all the information related to payments, due-dates, balance, etc. 
  2. No headache to carry bundles of cash with yourself. 
  3. Extremely safe and secure.
  4. You have great offers, like 5% off on dinners, movies, shopping, etc. with partner merchants. 
  5. You can check Visa and Mastercard balance directly. 
  6. You can easily handle and alter all the actions and services as you wish. 


The active card has multiple advantages and goodies attached to it. You can easily save your money and bring some convenience to your experience. Get one for yourself today and see the card activation above. This process is extremely easy to follow. Also, if you have any doubts or queries, use the comment section below. 

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