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Lowe’s stores are one of the largest retailers in the United States. They are at more than 1,700 positions in Australia, North America and Mexico. They’re providing the card services to people to improve their lifestyle by giving more comfortable shopping with ease in shopping and payment option. Lowe’s Credit Cards allows exclusive access to various concessions and rewards by using it.

GE Money Bank issues Lowes Credit Card. They also offer numerous business cards, store cards and branded cards which are significantly intended to make their customers purchasing more enhanced.

Lowe’s credit card is more beneficial rather than making cash payments. Using a credit card offers safe and secure payments on shopping with special reward point, credit points, cashback opportunities, credit bonus points, etc.

Activate Lowe’s Card Online

  • Then after logging in, enter your Lowe’s Card number in the given place.
  • Follow the steps and instructions on the screen and complete the online activation process.
  • A notification will be sent to your phone number linked to your account stating successful activation of your Lowe’s Card.
  • BRAVO! You completed your activation process.

Do not distribute your User ID, and Password to anyone through by SMS or email.

Do not save your User ID and Password on any websites or pages while doing online transactions.

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