How To Activate Green Dot Card Without Social Security

Are you a Green Dot cardholder? These cards are really handy when it comes to cash backs and shopping convenience. Activation of Green Dot cards is easy, all you need to do is to provide the card information and the Social Security Number, and you’re done. But, what if you don’t have the Social Security Number? What if you lose it? What if you didn’t generate it? How do you activate your Green Card then? This is the answer we will provide you with here. You’ll get to know about how to activate your Green Dot Card without the social security number.

What is the Social Security Number (SSN)?

An SSN is a 9-digit number issued to every U.S citizen, permanent resident, or anyone living on the US soil. It is more or less a National Identification Number for everyone.

The purpose of issuing such a number is to trach any individual’s accounts within the Social Security Programme. It has proved much handy for the authorities and tracing of records has become easy.

How Can You Activate Green Dot Card Without Social Security?

Well, the activation of Green dot card is easy. Just go to the official website and login into your account. Go to Activate Card and then, type in the required information like the card number, SSN, etc.

But what you need to know is that you can activate your Green Dot card without Social Security Number as well. Yes, it is possible. These instructions will help you in getting your job done easily-

1. Call 1-866-795-7605.

2. After connecting with the executive, inform them about card activation.

3. They will ask you certain information like card number, SSN, etc.

4. Tell them you don’t have an SSN.

5. Follow the instructions they give you carefully.

6. After finishing up all they ask you, your card will be activated.

Benefits of Green Dot Card

The Green Dot card serves you many purposes. It also has a number of advantages to offer. Some of the major advantages are given below-

  1. Earns you a great amount of Cashback
  2. It is convenient and too easy to carry and use.
  3. The application and eligibility process is easy.
  4. You can access your direct deposits quickly and that too earlier.
  5. The best part, there no Overdraft Fees!!

Final Thoughts

So, that is all in here. We hope you understood that activating the green dot card is possible without the SSN as well. Just follow the given instructions carefully and provide the executive with authentic and true information as he asks. Your job will be done with a simple phone call. If you still have any doubts or queries left, do use the comment section below.

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