Desjardins Activation | Activate my Desjardins Credit Card

Desjardins is the biggest cooperative financial organisation in Canada, and they’re offering some good credit cards to their customers. The power of the cooperative approach allows Desjardins to provide their customers with a wide range of financial services.

Numerous credit cards are accessible from Desjardins, most of them are Visa Cards. They also offer student-only cards, cashback rewards cards, and their low APR Visa card. Their BONUS DOLLARS rewards, valuable perks, as well as low-interest rates are the reason for the popularity of the coop’s Visa Elegance and Visa Modulo cards.

If you got a new Desjardins Card, you’ll need to get it in the email and activate it before using it. You can activate your Desjardins Card in only one way, i.e., through their Customer Care Number.

Activating Your Desjardins Card Over the Phone.

  • Just dial Desjardins Card Activation Number at 1-800-563-4401 or 514-397-4419 to initiate the activation process.
  • To save some time, You should call through your registered phone number with Desjardins.
  • Request them for your new Credit Card Activation.
  • Give all the card details and personal details to the official on the phone.
  • Accept all the directions of your card activation process.
  • Congratulation! Your Desjardins Credit Card is now activated to use in many places.
  • If you lost your credit card by any chance, you need to call 1-800-563-4401 and request them for the deactivation of your card to avoid any misuse of your card.
  • If you get queries related to your card in future, you can make a call to this number and get aid.

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