Activate Tesco Credit Card (Online/Phone)

Got yourself a new Tesco credit card and exited to swipe it? Then you need to activate it first. There are plenty of advantages and benefits offered by Tesco Credit Card and Gift Card services. 

You can easily activate your Tesco Credit Card either online from their online banking portal, or you can just dial Tesco Credit Card Activation Phone Number 0345 300 4278 to get your card activation done.

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Online Activation of Tesco Credit Card

To activate your Tesco Credit Card online, you need to have an online account on Tescobank banking portal, you can create one from by just filling your general details, registering and enrolling.

Following are the steps to follow after creating an account in order to activate your card.

  • Go to and log in to your Tesco online account.
  • Click “Activate a new credit card” option.
  • Enter your card information like Credit Card number, Cardholder name printed on the card, security code, etc.
  • Submit your request to activate your new Tesco Credit Card.
  • Now soon you will get a notification about your card has been activated successfully and it is ready to use now.

Tesco Credit card Phone Activation.

  • Another way to activate your Tesco credit card is to make a call to Tesco Credit Card Activation Phone Number at 0345 300 4278.
  • You can only dial this number through the registered phone number.
  • Then request them for activation of your new credit card, you’ll be asked some questions to confirm your identity.
  • After that, your card will be verified and activated.

You can also get your card activated by visiting your nearby Tesco Retail Stores using your personal credit card details.

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