Activate PNC Debit Card | Over Phone/ ATM

Looking for PNC debit Card activation? Over here!! 

This article might be able to help you in case you want to activate your PNC debit card. Well, the process is not complex and you will get the simplest sorted steps to follow in order to complete the job. There are PNC credit cards as well, which have more features than debit ones. The activation process of both of these is almost the same, just having little differences. 

So, let’s get started and see the easiest way of activating your PNC debit card. 

PNC Debit Card Activation At an ATM 

Apart from the process showed above, you can also activate your PNC debit card at any PNC ATM. The following steps would be of great use to you in that regard- 

  1. Go to your nearest PNC ATM. 
  2. Insert your card into the machine. 
  3. Type the PIN you created while opening your account. 
  4. If you have not yet created a PIN, you must wait for a PIN to be mailed to you by the company in order to use the car. 
  5. Once the PIN is typed, the transaction will continue and your card will be activated. 

PNC Debit Card Activation Over Phone 

To activate your PNC debit card, you need to follow the instructions ahead. These will let you figure out the best way of activating the card. 

  1. Call the number imprinted on the sticker around the card. 
  2. When the call is connected, follow the instructions carefully. 
  3. You may need to type your card number, security number, etc. sometimes your personal information is also demanded. 
  4. Provide all that is being asked.
  5. Your card will be activated after you have completed the process. 

Final Thought 

So, PNC debit card activation can be done in two ways. One, by phone, or by going to the ATM> both ways, your card will get activated easily. All you need to do is to follow the instructions very carefully. If you miss one little step, your activation won’t conclude. So, always follow the instructions carefully. If you have doubts or queries, you can use the following comment section to write it down.

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