Activate Bank of America Debit Card (Online/Phone)

There are many ways to activate your Bank of America debit card. The most used and common method is through the BoA online banking website, other methods include by calling their customer service, through ATM and by mobile app.

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Activate the Bank of America Debit Card online.

Just visit the BoA online banking portal and create or sign in to your account by using your online banking ID and passcode.

If you don’t have a BoA online banking account, you can create one from here and then, 1. click the “Enroll in Online Banking” button.

2. Enter all your information and set up login details like Banking ID and passcode.

3. Finally, take up some security questions and after reviewing your request, just submit your request.

Once signed in, BoA will verify your identity and then activate your debit card.

Activation by Phone.

Another way to activate your BoA debit card is to make a call to Bank of America debit card customer service at 800-276-9923. Then request them for activation of your new debit card, you’ll be asked some questions to confirm your identity.

After that, your card will be verified and activated.

Activation by using your Card/ATM.

You can also activate your card by using itself. Means it can be activated by using it at your nearest Bank of America ATM. This is the process of no time by just entering the information asked at the ATM screen.

Activation by BoA Mobile Application.

Bank of America mobile application users can get their card activated by just directly sign in to their account, its the most simple and easy method to get your card activated.

You can download the BoA mobile app from here

From this app, you can-

1. Set up alerts.

2. Direct Deposits.

3. Check Balance.

4. View your FICO score.

5. Update your info.

6. Schedule appoints.

7. Paperless statements.

8. Create goals and milestones.

Feel free to ask any questions below, we will help you with any problem regarding the above steps ASAP.

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